Mainland Headwear Holdings:
To be the world’s leader and premier provider in the headwear industry.
To create value for customers, generate opportunities for employees and benefit the community by designing, manufacturing and promoting a wide variety of headwear products .
Core Values:
Customers come first

We put our customers’ interests on top of ours and endeavor to provide them with quality products and excellent services.

Aggressive and innovative

We take a proactive approach in all our undertakings: aggressive in times of opportunity; positive in times of difficulty; and innovative in times of mediocrity.


We consider our staff as our most valuable asset. Caring, 

communication and motivation are the essential cornerstones for building a great team.

Serving the community

We believe the greatest value of our Group lies in the benefits we can create for the community at large. Apart from contributing our best in the industry, we also devote our time, energy and resources to help those who are less fortunate in our society.

Corporate Culture
History, Development and Future