Mainland Headwear Holdings:

Mainland Headwear Holdings Limited was founded by Mr. Ngan Hei Keung (Chairman) and Mrs. Ngan Po Ling, Pauline (Deputy Chairman and Managing Director) in 1986. It listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2000 and it is the only publicly listed headwear manufacturer in the world. The company is an acclaimed international headwear and accessories manufacturer.

Based in Hong Kong, the subsidiaries are in the PRC, Bangladesh, Mexico, US and UK. Manufacturing facilities in the PRC and Bangladesh has strong capacity and Production capacity is over 7 million pieces of headwear monthly and 200k  belt and wallet with creating over 5,000 new designs each year by strong R&D and sourcing team. The products included a wide range of licensed casual headwear and accessories products which cover the mass market, upper tier market and specialty market. Over the years, the group has continued to expand its business in the United States and Europe through acquisitions. In 2019, the group signed a five-year manufacturing agreement with New Era Cap Co. Inc., the largest distributor of sports and fashion hats in the United States to extend the strategic partnership.