Mainland Headwear Holdings:

Our Subsidiaries


Mainland Headwear has four subsidiaries taking care of its trading and distribution business in Europe and the US, they are DPI, H3 Sportgear, SDHC and Aquarius.

The four subsidiaries, backed by the Group’s expertise in licensed, private label, custom and ODM products, offer products of the world’s most recognized and established brands and provide immediate, customized and flexible services to customers and retailers.

DPI is entrusted with building closer ties with European customers and keeping its finger on the pulse of European fashion culture and headwear trends. It has acquired distribution rights of the headwear products from leading soccer teams in the English Premier League (EPL).

The Group acquired H3 Sportgear and SDHC to serve as its distribution and trading arm in the US. H3 Sportgear assists the Group in pursuing accessories business to improve product mix, whereas SDHC has seen the Group enter the high-end women’s headwear market, further widening its product range.



In 2019, the Group completed acquiring Aquarius, a leading accessories supplier in the US, marking a major step forward made by the Group in strengthening and expanding its business from covering primarily headwear to also the accessories segment. Established in St. Louis, Missouri, USA for close to 50 years, Aquarius is an established company in designing and marketing accessories and one of the largest suppliers of accessories for men, women and children in the US. It also sells licensed, private label and custom headwear, small leather goods, bags, and accessories to many US retailers. After Aquarius joined Mainland Headwear in 2019, the Group now offers a full series of accessories ranging from headwear products, scarves, belts, wallets, backpacks and gloves to a wide spectrum of customers and through different channels in the off price market, mass market and also the high-end market.